Feb Update

Wow, this is long overdue. My apologies.

So, here’s my update. I’ve contacted everyone involved in the interviews, and am awaiting replies. (Except for Susie, but I expect that I can get a hold of her via Kir, once Kir gets back to me.)

As far as the actual research goes, I’ve found some articles and have been digging through them. It’s been kind of difficult to find things that are specifically about what I’m trying to do, since I think it’s kind of an unusual thing. People concerned with videos and websites are usually trying to sell something, or there’s an educational twist to things. While the educational twist is a little more in line with what I’m trying to accomplish with this project, it still takes me off in a somewhat tangential direction.

A Mokhtari article interviewing some new literacies thinkers at the University of Connecticut is a good example of this information that I’m splicing from one discipline into my own. The article is basically about understanding “online literacy” as encompassing much more than just traditionally-understood reading skills (e.g. phonics), but is really about how we seek information. This has been relatively helpful, because that’s kind of the point of what I’m talking about with the videos — that a new format will make information more broadly accessible.


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